Watch Mike Tomlin’s William and Mary Hall of Fame Induction Speech

They coined the term “Class” to describe people like Mike Tomlin. Tomlin, a native of Tidewater, Virginia, was a scholarship student and graduate from William and Mary.

  • The William and Mary Hall of Fame recently inducted MikeTomlin.
Pro Football Talk Editor Mike Florio recently lambasted Tomlin for the contents of his speech.

Behind the Steel Curtain’s
Neal Coolong wasted little time in taking Florio to task for “character assassination” and the Steelers Depot similarly took Florio to task for taking Tomlin’s words out of context. (Full disclosure, I am an occasional contributor at BTSC.)
Florio’s comments appear questionable, to say the least. TheWatch Tower has sought Florio’s side of the story and will have more to say depending on how Florio responds (or fails to respond.)
But regardless, this controversy regarding Tomlin’s comments is a crying shame. His 15 minute speech to was a piece of beauty, where Mike Tomlin stepped out form his “coache’s role” and offered a rare glimpse of just why he blew away Dan Rooney and Art Rooney II during his interview.
Take the time to view the speech for yourself (available as of 5/29/12).

Mike Tomlin truly is a class act, and is a credit to his family, his school, Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers Nation.

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