Mike Wallace’s Return to Steelers Imminent

The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to their South Side complex today after three plus weeks in Latrobe. But as despite the change of venue, a familiar face remained missing, in the form of Mike Wallace.

That, however, is about to change.

Early in the day multiple sources reported that Mike Wallace was due back with the Steelers with an expected ETA of some time after the Steelers third preseason game this Saturday vs. the Bills.

Alan Robinson of the Tribune Review is breaking from the pack suggesting that the Wallace watch could be over in a matter of hours not days.

Welcome Back Wallace

Robinson’s reporting makes it crystal clear that Wallace will be welcomed by his team mates with open arms.   That bodes well for the Steelers locker room chemistry, although when asked where Wallace would fit into the Steelers offense, in the short term, Mike Tomlin stuck to his “When he gets here, let’s wait and see” attitude.

To participate in team drills Wallace would have to sign his tender, which all reports indicate he will do. Whether he attempts to open negotiations towards a long term deal are another question.

A headline under Ed Bouchette’s PG Plus byline indicated that Wallace did not have a chance at getting a long term deal — I cannot access that because PG Plus still refuses to take my money (that’s right, the newspaper industry’s on its knees, but PG Plus will not let me give them my money, click here and scroll down for the full story.)

However, Bouchette’s conclusion is logical. The Steelers reportedly gave a contract similar to what they were offering Wallace to Antonio Brown, and a deal would have to be concluded before the regular season, which does not leave much time to negotiate.

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2 thoughts on “Mike Wallace’s Return to Steelers Imminent

  1. Thanks Jenelynp,

    My estimation of Mike Wallace has dropped a lot, but I agree that the Steelers are a much better team with him than without him.

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