Predicting the AFC North Champions – How do the Steelers Fare?

Opening day in the NFL is upon us, which of course brings us no shortage of pundits and predictions.

Peter King of SI is of course projecting the Pittsburgh Steelers at 8-8 and third in the AFC North, while the overall split between the team of writers there was 5-4 in favor of the Baltimore Ravens as division champions.. An ESPN poll of its experts split their division winner predictions 50/50 between the Steelers and the Ravens.

However, our friends Matt Ufford and Brad Wells at SB Nation have also offered a split prediction, but one that comes with a surprise.

Yours truly will offer no preseason predictions. Living down here in Buenos Aires just leaves me feeling too unconnected from the whole NFL scene to really get a good feel for the rest of the league.
However, I freely admit that part of me feels good that the Steelers are going into the season as underdogs
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