Alameda Ta’amu Arrested Felon Charges Pending

The 2012 season has not been kind to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team’s defensive line has earned its fair share of the blame.

One potential source of help may now be off the table, as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Steelers 4th round draft pick Alameda Ta’amu was arrested on the South Side this weekend after attempting to flee police both by car and the by foot. The incident led to the injury of a young woman and damage of several vehicles. Court documents indicate that Ta’amu allegedly had been driving drunk.

Further Disappointment from a Fourth Round Pick

The Steelers traded up to grab Ta’amu in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL draft, with many commentators immediately suggesting that Ta’amu was a successor to Casey Hampton. Although no one was projecting him as a starter, many felt he would get significant playing time almost immediately.

However, Ta’amu struggled in training camp and by the middle of the preseason many were already labeling him a “project.”

  • Ta’amu has not dressed for any of the Steelers five 2012 regular season games.

Most people in Steelers Nation (and many outside it) have the impression the Steelers do not tolerate players with off the field discipline problems. The reality, however, is mixed.

Historically the Steelers have parted ways, with a number of players who’ve run afoul of the law, such as Tim Worley and Bam Morris. Players such as James Harrison, Santonio Holmes, and Ben Roethlisberger were ultimately given second chances (although Roethlisberger of course was neither arrested nor charged with a criminal offense.)

It remains to be seen the Steelers will do in the case of Ta’amu.

Suffice to say he can not be endearing himself to Kevin Colbert, Mike Tomlin, and Art Rooney II.

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2 thoughts on “Alameda Ta’amu Arrested Felon Charges Pending

  1. Keith, you’ve said many times that some of the recent drafts haven’t produced the amount of depth that this team is going to need to, A) sustain the success that it’s been having, and B) be able to fill in for injured players when the need arises.

    I think you’re seeing the consequences of that over the last year or so.

  2. Tony, yep that’s true. Although I think this is a case of unfortunately selected an idiot.

    But I think that the difficultes we’ve faced in the last year or so do certain stem, at least in part, to failed 2006 and 2008 drafts.

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