Steel Curtain Rising Goes Bilingual!

Attentive readers noticed something new last week here at Steel Curtain Rising.

Steel Curtain Rising has gone bilingual, making us the first known English-Spanish blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers!

The Steelers of course have a huge following in Mexico, including the wife of former president Filipe Calderon. The team maintains a small-Spanish section on their website, Steelers radio network extends throughout throughout Mexico, and the Steelers have held camps for their fans in Mexico.

That interest, if Google Analytics is to be any guide, is reflected in this site’s readership, which counts Mexico among the top five countries. We also see regular visitors from Spain as well as other parts of Latin America.

Now those visitors will have the option to read hard-hitting commentary in their native tongue. Our scribe is none other than El Dr. de Acero, a good friend of mine whom I met while watching Super Bowl XLIII down here in Buenos Aires.

To the vast many if not most of you who are not bilingual, fear not, you’ll always be able to access all English language articles on Steel Curtain Rising via the Pittsburgh Steelers tag.

Pero… los lectores que quieran seguir a  “Los Hombres de Acero” en español, pueden hacer clic aca en el tag “Los Steelers en español”.

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