Big News is about to Break in Steelers Nation

It’s been quite a while since La Toalla Terrible (that’s Terrible Towel in Spanish) has made an appearance here on Steel Curtain Rising.

And the rumor is that he’s only able to sneak in a return because our regular scribe is off on vacation. Cats away, mice will play. Heee…. But that’s the point! Big News is about to break relating to the Pittsburgh Steelers Nation. Its almost a scientific fact. When good old “KT” is away on vacation, things happen in Steelers Nation.

The track record even extends beyond the life of this blog:

  • In 2000 on his first trip to Argentina, the Cowher-Donahoe feud came to a head with Dan Rooney siding with the chin
  • In 2007 he was off to Chile while Steelers Nation, and the Rooneys themselves, agonized between Russ Grimm and Mike Tomlin
  • Super Bowl week in 2009 found him in Tandil deep in the province of Buenos Aires
  • Super Bowl week in 2011 found him in Brazil where he missed Super Bowl XLV
  • When Bruce Arians got the axe in 2012 he was in New York City (Rumor has it that he started writing something on the Arians ouster only to have his wife catch him in the act. Word is she stopped him cold in his tracks….)
  • When the Steelers decided to resign Antonio Brown he happened to be taking a long weekend in Colonia Uruguay 

Just what will the news be?

  • Could Amos Jones be getting the axe? (We should only hope!) 
  • Another assistant coach has another sudden 4 day retirement? 
  • Could it be that Omar Kahn heads to New York or 
  • We know that Todd Haley won’t be leaving Pittsburgh East for Pittsburgh West, but might he head elsewhere?

No one can know for sure, but La Toalla Terrible is here to assure you that big news is in the offing….

La Toalla Terrible dedicates himself to taking a wacky, zany view on all things Steelers. While he hasn’t been heard from recently, you can check out his past rantings by clicking here.

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