Steelers Free Agent Focus: Doug Legursky

Doug Legursky came up through the ranks the hard way, making the Steelers practice squad in 2008 and then landing on the Steelers roster in 2009 when Darnell Stapelton’s knees gave out.

Legursky’s first action with the Steelers was to serve as a reserve FB, and he did a commendable job run blocking in that role.

In 2010 he started to showcase his versatility, getting significant time at guard and starting at center in Super Bowl XLV when Maurkice Pouncey was injured.

In 2011 Legursky started at both guard positions in addition to starting at center late in the season. In 2012 Legursky severed as the number one back up at guard, although he did start at center will Pouncey filled in for Willie Colon

Steelers Finding Love for Legrusky

The Steelers have seen enough of Legursky to know that he’s never likely to develop into an all-world offensive lineman. They don’t need him to be. Legursky is an excellent number one center-guard back up, versatility that should not be undervalued. And the Steelers likely will not.

  • Expect the Steelers to find the salary cap space to resign Legursky

Legrusky is probably one of those players who is more valuable to the Steelers than he would be to someone else, and most of the rest of the league will likely see it that way.

Scenarios that Could see Legursky saying “So Long” to the Steelers

Offensive lineman do not grow on trees and teams are of course always on the look out to beef up their roster with good ones.

There are plenty of teams, including the division rival Browns, who have salary cap space to spare and are familiar with Legursky’s body of work. The Steelers will indeed try to resign Legursky, but they will not delve into a into bidding war.

Such a bidding war erupting is not probably, but it certainly is possible.

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