Steelers Free Agent Focus: Justin Kapinos

Justin Kapinos lost his roster spot to rookie Drew Butler at the end of the Steelers 2012 preseason. The Steelers waived the injured Kapinos, and when no one claimed him his rights reverted back to the Steelers making him a restricted free agent.

What does all that mean?

  • Absolutely nothing.

The Steelers should not and most assuredly will not offer Kapinos a restricted free agent tender.

Make no mistake. Kapinos did a stint with the Steelers in 2010 and punted well enough then that it was surprising that he was available when Daniel Sepulveda got injured again in 2011. Which is not to say he was the second coming of Josh Miller.

Taking Kapinos to training camp would be a wise move. Tying up salary cap space, even temporarily, in order to do that would not.

  • Expect the Steelers to do the wise thing with Kapinos.

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