Steelers Talking with Ramon Foster

The news that the Pittsburgh Steelers have released James Harrison clouded over the fact that they were talking with Ramon Foster.

Ramon Foster has been one of the more intriguing of the Steelers unrestricted free agents. Nobody’s world beater, Foster has nonetheless showed himself to be an outstanding back up and solid if not spectacular starter. He also has position flexibility.

However, Foster has indicated that the Steelers are in talks with him, and at least will attempt to make him an offer, although several teams are interested in talking with Foster.

Ramon Foster is one of Kevin Colbert’s rookie free agent successes, and it would be nice to keep in Pittsburgh. The fact that the Steelers are talking with Foster, also perhaps indicates that they are planning on letting Willie Colon go. Willie Colon has three years remaining on his contract, but has finished each of the last three seasons in injured reserve.

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