Vote to Rate Steelers 2013 Draft Needs

First, thanks to all of you who have taken time out to vote in our Steelers Draft Needs poll. Uncounted dozens of you have voted.

Unfortunately, Blogger is not cooperating. The poll which has been running for the last three weeks has seen the number go up and down multiple times.

The Steelers have varied needs going in to the 2013 NFL Draft. One could say the Steelers need safety above all. Others could make the same argument for running back. Linebacker has never been so preciously thin for the Steelers, and linebackers have dominated the Steelers known pre draft visits.

If you’re visiting a site like Steel Curtain Rising, you almost certainly have an opinion on who what Steelers should take, or what need they have that is most urgent to fill in the 2013 NFL Draft. And you’ve probably voted. And then blogger reset it count.

So I am resetting our poll on the Steelers 2013 NFL Draft needs. Please vote (again) if you haven’t already.


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