Chuck Noll Gaining on Bill Belicheat in ESPN Poll – Thanks to Steelers Nation

Ladies and Gentlemen. Steelers Nation is opening its mouth and raising the pitch of its voice to the sound of a roar.

Two weeks ago ESPN kicked off a poll in anticipation of a series profiling the NFL’s greatest 20 coaches. Over 50 coaches were listed, from No Brainers like Vince Lombardi and Paul Brown, to head scratchers like Dennis Green and Jeff Fisher.

At the time Chuck Noll wasn’t doing as well as he should have, coming in fifth place:

Before Steelers Nation sprung into action, Chuck Noll was only coming in 5th Place in ESPN’s Poll on May 11th

Now fifth place is no dishonor in such a broad sweeping poll, but it was the company that Noll was behind which was at issue. Namely Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh.

Steel Curtain Rising not only implored the faithful to rally for Chuck Noll but we enlisted the aid other sites securing entries in Pittsburgh’s Best Sports Blog and Behind the Steel Curtain (full disclosure, write for BTSC, and wrote one of their articles calling on people to vote.)

With just a little effort, look at what we have accomplished:

Steelers Nation is rallying behind Chuck Noll, Pushing him to 4th Place as of May 27th

Not only has Chuck Noll increased his share of the vote, from 58.8% to 66.4% he has also passed Don Shula for four place and now is within striking distance of Bill Belichick!

Vote Early, Vote Often

Now is the time for Steelers Nation to redouble your efforts. You must vote early, and vote often. That’s right, you need to vote often.

ESPN is trying to limit multiple voting, but you can get around this by:

  • Voting from multiple browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc…)
  • Voting from multiple devices (iPad, desktop, laptop, iPhone)
  • Voting from the office (as long as you won’t get into trouble)

The even better news is that ESPN’s cookie-control seems to be time sensitive, so if you voted two weeks ago, you can probably vote again.

  • Its also important that you don’t vote for either Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh

If you’re looking for objective reasons to not vote for Belichick and/or Walsh to promote Chuck Noll, then you can click here for our original article or see BTSC’s article.

Click here now to vote for Chuck Noll in ESPN’s poll.

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