Allegheny Judge says Steelers Failed to Prove Seat-Expansion Meets Requirements in Heinz Field Lease

Ask Steelers fans, and they’ll tell you how expensive seats have become at Heinz Field in recent years. Now, thanks to a ruling by an Allegheny County Judge, the Steelers themselves may soon have that same opinion.

On Wednesday, Common Please Judge James Jones ruled against the Steelers and their bid for funding for a 3000 seat expansion to the south end zone of Heinz Field. Judge Jones said the Steelers failed to prove that such an expansion could be classified as a capital improvement under the team’s Heinz Field lease.

The Steelers were seeking two-thirds of the cost from Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority, the stadium’s owner.

Here is a excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, further explaining Jones’ ruling:

Under that criteria,  the  team must show: that a similar addition or modification has been installed in at least half of all National Football League stadiums with at least 25 percent of the cost covered by federal, state, or local governments; that the change is “reasonably necessary” to maintain the team’s relative economic position in the NFL with regard to stadium revenue and expenses; and that it is “reasonably necessary” to prevent Heinz Field facilities and amenities from becoming “materially outdated” compared with other stadiums built between 1999 and 2004.

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