INCYM: Steelers-Giants Video Higlights

There’s no substitute to seeing things through you own eyes, and that even includes the oft maligned August institution we know as preseason football. Case in point, the Pittsburgh Steelers recent preseason loss to the New York Giants.

As you might expect preseason football isn’t high on programmers lists here in Latin America, and I do not have reliable enough internet connectivity to think of watching on-line. So listening (in Spanish) on and reading commentaries of others has to suffice.

But the ESPN highlights package someone was kind enough to upload to YouTube makes a world of difference.

There’s no coherent analysis one can draw from a handful of plays, but a few thoughts to come to mind.

For all the talk about the emergence of a newly dominant starting offensive line, Ben Roethlisberger looked to be running for his life a little too much in these highlights. LaRod Stephens-Howling really did look impressive. Eli Manning and Victor Cruz did make an excellent play, but it is also clear that Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark were out of position, so the savaging of William Gay is a little out of place.

However DaMon Cromartie-Smith’s lapses in punt coverage become even more inexcusable on film, as does Landry Jones fouled exchange with Baron Batch and the ensuing safety.

The downside of depending on highlights is that you’re at the mercy of the editor. Emmanuel Sanders looked good, we’re told, but there’s little of him show. Al Woods stepped it up, but there’s very little of him to see. Ditto Alameda Ta’amu who is in a fierce roster fight and needed a monster game, apparently played well but wasn’t shown…

…There’s no replacement for seeing things yourself.

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