Jarvis Jones Gives Steelers Nation A Sight for Sore Eyes – No. 95 Making Splash Plays Again

Sometimes error can lead to great fortune. Going into the 2013 NFL Draft, draft nicks knocked Jarvis Jones because he was a little slow.

Gil Brandt, architect of the Dallas Doomesday Dynasty of the 1970’s didn’t consider Jones a first round talent explaining, “I think he’s one of those guys that when you’re rushing the passer, he’s going to almost get there, but not quite.”

The Steelers made their own evaluations of Jones, and perhaps that included the knowledge that a minor injury tainted Jones combine time and they selected Jarvis Jones in the first round.

Shortly after joining the Steelers Jones upped the ante, by choosing 95 for his jersey number. While 95 doesn’t hold hallowed status in Steelers lore the way 12 (Terry Bradshaw), 32 (Franco Harris), 47 (Mel Blount), 58 (Jack Lambert), 59 (Jack Ham), and 75 (Joe Greene) do, it is the number worn by Greg Lloyd and therefore commands respect.

  • Some of the players donning number 95 recently haven’t lived up to the standard (think Alonzo Jackson).

There were very few bright spots in the torturing the Steelers suffered at the hands of the Titans. But there was one highlight worth reliving (available as of 9/13/13):

  • You call that, Steelers Nation, hitting with authority.

Yes, it Jones has only made one play. Yes, it is perhaps understandable that the Titans might “forget” to account for a rookie so early in the season – the Bengals won’t suffer a similar memory lapse this weekend.

But for ten years Greg Lloyd executed exactly that type of decisive playmaking to breath legend into Number 95.

Jones still has long way to go to live up to the standard set by his fellow Georgian.

  • But his booming tackle of Chris Johnson amounted to a very strong step.

And number 95 smashing players in the backfield gives Steelers Nation a sight for sore eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Jarvis Jones Gives Steelers Nation A Sight for Sore Eyes – No. 95 Making Splash Plays Again

  1. If Jones is another Greg Lloyd, that will go a long way toward correcting those poor takeaway numbers the past few years. I was super pumped when I saw Jones’ hit. Great stuff.

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