NFL Injury Gods Hath No Mercy on the Steelers

Veteran Pittsburgh sport print and broadcast journalist John Steigerwald holds a well-earned reputation for controversy. But love him, hate him, agree or disagree with him everyone must accept that he has a way with words. Just ask Levi Brown:

The Levi Brown era was fun while it lasted.
— John Steigerwald (@Steigerworld) October 15, 2013

Oh Levi, it feels like Steelers Nation hardly knew you. Which we did. After Jared Allen literally ran circles around Mike Adams in the Steelers Loss in London, Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert went looking for help, and their search took them to Pittsburgh West aka the Arizona Cardinals.

Bruce Arians sent his former employer a former number 5 overall pick in the form of Levi Brown for, well nothing.

Brown of course never saw action as a Pittsburgh Steelers, injuring his triceps in pre-game warmups ending his season as the Steelers put him on IR.

  • The injury gods were far from done with Pittsburgh, however.

David Johnson, who’d struggled back from a 2013 preseason ACL tear and was working his way into a quality No. 2 tight end injured his wrist vs. the Jets and will have season-ending surgery.

The “causes” of these injuries are anyone’s guess. But this is not the first time the Steelers have seen their roster devastated by injury. 2011 was one of the worst on record, 2012 was worse yet.

  • In 2013, the Pittsburgh Steelers are averaging one season ending injury per game.

Season ending injuries are up all over the NFL, but the Steelers have to figure to be one of the team’s pushing that average up.

Gordon, Green Signed as Replacements

To replace Levi Brown and David Johnson the Pittsburgh Steelers (again) activated Isaiah Green from the practice squad, and also signed former Oakland Raiders tight end Richard Gordon. Gordon is very much a blocking tight end, although he did catch his only touchdown vs. the Steelers in the upset at Oakland in 2012.

Door Open For Starks….?

Somewhat conspicuous in the Steelers that the Steelers replaced Brown with a tight end. It also leaves the door open for the return of Max Starks, who is currently on the unemployment line. Starks recently confirmed that he remains available and assumes that although his good friend Ben Roethlisberger has almost certainly put a good word in for him, the Steelers have not contacted him.

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