Watch Tower: Can Cowher Counter Balance Phil Simms’ Anti-Steelers Bias?

NFL week 6 brings the Pittsburgh Steelers at the New York Jets and a decision by CBS gives the Watch Tower a chance to shift its focus from “print” to broadcast journalism.

The Chin to Commentate on Steelers-Jets Game

The news of course is the announcement that former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher will join Jim Nance and Phil Simms in the booth to call the game, adding intrigue for a number of reasons.

Bill Cowher once mentioned that he did not know how preceded Chuck Noll as coach of the Steelers. That man was none other than Bill Austin, and ironically at 0-4 the Steelers are amidst their worst start since Austin’s final year in 1968.

  • But that’s not CBS’ real motive here.

CBS is taking an unprecedented step in sending out his studio team to cover their respective former teams, meaning that Boomer Esiason will do the Cincinnati-Buffalo game while Shannon Sharpe returns to Denver to commentate on what promises to be the NFL’s version of the Hunger Games – Denver vs. Jacksonville.

Its an interesting broadcast concept, although one my fairly ask why not ask Dan Marino to do Miami’s game.

Steelers Nation’s Golden Lining? Can the Chin Compensate?

For Steelers Nation the prospect of Cowher joining the Nance and Simms in the booth perhaps offers a golden lining. Bill Cowher has pledged to call the game, which speaks well of him.

And Steelers Nation needs no homers. But with that said, Steelers fans undoubtedly have one hope:

  • Can Cowher compensate for Phil Simmsanti-Steelers bias?

For the record, the Watch Tower liked Phil Simms as a player, and respects him as an analyst (his comment “What is this, World Cup soccer?” after an extremely “ticky tacky” roughing the passer  was golden.)

  • But Phil Simms has an anti-Steelers bias, plain and simple.

Steelers Nation has long complained about this, but the Watch Tower can prove it!

As regular readers know, Steel Curtain Rising is written out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And yours truly is married to a beautiful Argentine woman. My wife accepts and sometimes even enjoys (although its hard to get her to admit it) watching Steelers games with me.

But being Argentine, she knows nothing of Phil Simms alleged “Anti-Steelers bias.” Moreover, she most certainly doesn’t even know the name “Phil Simms” nor does she recognize his voice or face.

  • Yet every time Phil Simms does a Steelers game – without fail – at some point she’ll ask “Is it me, or is this guy favoring the other team?”

This isn’t scientific proof, but its as close as you’re going to get. An unknowing, neutral observer has repeatedly picked up on Simms bias against the Steelers. (Although to be certain, Simm’s anti-Steelers bias is nothing compared to the anti-Steelers bias that Cris Collinsworth barely attempted to hide while at NBC.)

Hearing Bill Cowher commentate a Steelers game should be interesting. It says here that if the Steelers:

  • Force Ben Roethlisberger to run for his life
  • Miss tackles
  • Get burned on long completions
  • Cough up the ball
  • Let Geno Smith write his diary in the pocket
  • Fail to produce turnovers

Then Bill Cowher should call them out for each and every one of those failings.

But when Simms decides bend over backwards in his praise of how the Jets have managed to fill the position for the back up place kicker holder position while criticizing the Steelers practice squad decision choices, hopefully the Chin will perk up and defend the Black and Gold’s honor.

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