Ike Taylor Leaving Pittsburgh? Steelers to Move on Polamalu and Miller Also

Jason Worlids decision to sign the transition tender leaves the Steelers in a little bit of a salary cap pickle. They’re about 10 million over the newly increased cap. Cutting Levi Brown will wipe away about half of that.

  • But there’s still a considerable amount of money Kevin Colbert needs to find in 5 days or so.

Some sort of move is almost certainly in the offing regarding Ike Taylor.

Taylor’s salary cap value for 2014 is in the 9 million dollar range. While Taylor say’s he’s hopeful he an stay in Pittsburgh, other things he told Mark Kabloy suggest he’s not open to accepting a pay cut.

All reports indicate that the Steelers are not considering cutting Polamalu, rather extending is deal to lower his cap hit. This has been discussed for months, but if its going to happen it will happen soon.

Word broke early in the week that the Steelers had “restructured” Miller’s deal. Miller is in the final year of his contract, so “restrcutre” would mean accept a pay cut.

That’s not likely to happen, and most of Steelers Nation has assumed the Steelers would extend the deal. Several sources have reported that this is happening. But nothing has been announced. Why? Who knows, but perhaps the Steelers have simply reached an agreement in principle with Miller, and are awaiting other decisions before finalizing the deal

Either way expect an announcement soon.

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