Steelers Free Agent Focus: Cody Wallace, Greg Warren Sign with Pittsburgh

Michael Mitchell. With those two words the Pittsburgh Steelers made a near unheard of day one splash in NFL Free Agency as the Steelers signed Mitchell to take Ryan Clark’s place.

But the Steelers also addressed other needs. First the formally came to terms with Will Allen, news which had leaked last week. And they resigned Cody Wallace and Greg Warren.

  • Neither Wallace nor Warren are household names in Steelers Nation. Nor should they be.  

Greg Warren has one job to do.

  • The fact that the he wears two Super Bowl rings and only the die hard Steelers fans know his name is an indication of how well he does it.

Cody Wallace was one of the players the Steelers picked up after they made final cuts (likely costing Isaiah Green his roster spot). Wallace did little for 12 weeks, until disaster struck at center for the second time, this time costing the Steeler Fernando Velasco.

Wallace stepped in and the Steelers finished 3-1. Certainly he does not deserve full credit, but had he faltered it is not hard to imagine the Steelers record being different.

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