Worilds Signs Transition Tender; Possible Scenario to Keep Woodley in Pittsburgh

Jason Worilds will be with the Steelers in 2014. This much is settled:

So much for Steel Curtain Rising’s detailed analysis on the implications of the Steelers, Worilds and the transition tag. As the tweet suggests, Worild’s decision to quickly sign the tender amounts to a surprise, but as Kaboly points out, teams get leery of touching transition tender players for fear of being left at the altar.

While Worilds does lose the ability to another offer to drive up the Steelers, his 9.75 million dollar salary essentially forces the Steelers to reach a long term deal with Worilds, which is what they are doing.

It also brings the  question of LaMarr Woodley into focus.

Woodley Probably a Gonner, But….

The conventional wisdom is that with Worilds in the fold, LaMarr Woodley and his bloated salary cap figure are headed out of Pittsburgh.

  • This is what will likely happen.

You don’t pay someone 61 million in change, the balance of Woodley’s contract, to sit on the bench. Nor do you pay someone lose to 10 million dollars in guaranteed money to sit on the bench, unless your name is Max Starks.

  • Could it be possible, however, that Woodley could stay?

Yes, in fact there is one possibility, albeit one that no one is talking about now and hence is probably not being discussed on the South Side. But here goes:

The suggestion is not as outlandish as you might think. Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider made the suggestion prior to the Steelers pick of Jones in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Neal Coolong of Behind the Steel Curtain has also mused about the move.

Jones did line up on the inside for a handful of plays in 2013 and did well. And while experience doesn’t provide nearly enough of a sample to judge Jones, his skills set seems suited to the inside.

  • Moving Jones to the inside to keep Woodley probably will not happen.

In addition to Vince Williams, the Steelers at least outwardly have hopes that Sean Spence can contribute, Larry Foote remains on the roster, and there’s also Terence Garvin. Still, no one thought the Steelers would use the transition tag. They did. No one would figure Worilds would sign it so quickly. He did.

Stranger things have happened.

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