Antonio Brown, Jason Worilds Head Up Steelers Camp in… Mexico!

As they did in 2010 the Pittsburgh Steelers returned to Mexico to hold a fan based camp. The Steelers have a huge following south of the Rio Grande in large part because it was during the 1970’s that the NFL began showing games there.

  • In fact, their 2000 preseason game at Azteca Stadium vs. the Indianapolis Colts drew over 80,000 fans and at the time was the largest audience in the NFL to see an NFL football game.

Trivia buffs will remember that the Steelers lost due to a call that could not be reviewed because there was no replay equipment. That was also arguably the game where Tee Martin Beat out Anthony Wright for the third string spot behind Kent Graham and Kordell Stewart. Not that anyone cares that much…

  • The Steelers popularity in Mexico has only increased since then.

In fact, the wife for former Mexican President Filipe Calderon, Margarita Zavala, was such a rabid fan that she took leave from the World Cup in South Africa to attend the camp the 2010 Steelers held in Mexico with Ziggy Hood, Mike Wallace, Keenan Lewis, and Daniel Sepúlveda in attendance.

  • Calderon and Zavala have also been guests of the Steelers at Heinz Field when Dan Rooney served as ambassador to Ireland.

This year the Steelers contingent was led by Antonio Brown, Cortez Allen, Kelvin Beachum, Maurkice Pouncey, Markus Wheaton, and Jason Worilds. Veteran Steelers tackle and current radio network reporter Craig Wolfley and former Steelers running back Willie Parker also made the trip.

Why Not Extend the Reach of the Nation End-to-End in Latin America?

Steel Curtain Rising fully cheers the Steelers’s foray into Mexico, but is nonetheless forced to ask the question, “Why stop there?” Why not extend the reach of Steelers Nation further into Latin America? In fact, just stop at crossing  the Rio Grande, why not extend it all the way to the Tierra del Fuego?

  • That’s right, why not hold a similar Steelers camp here in Argentina…?

Esperen un par de días mas, y voy a escribir explicando porque es un muy buen idea. Arriba los Hombres de Acero!

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