Jason Verrett, 5 Others Visit Steeles, Aaron Barr Expected in Pittsburgh Soon

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue vetting the NCAA’s finest as part of the vetting process in advance of the 2014 NFL Draft. The Steelers closed last week by hosting another threesome at the South Side consisting of:

  • Carl Bradford, linebacker from Arizona State
  • Kevin Pierre-Lous, outside linebacker from Boston College
  • Bradley Roby, cornerback from Ohio State

The Steelers opened this week as cornerback Jason Verrett made his long-anticipated visit to Pittsburgh, while the team also entertained:

  • Scott Circhton, defensive end Oregon State
  • Saquiell Richardson, Arizona Cornerback

ESPN’s Scott Brown described Circhton’s visit as a “surprise” given projections that of him as more of an NFL 3-4 defensive end and someone who is not seen as a prospect to  be converted to a 3-4 outside linebacker .

Behind the Steel Curtain is also reporting that the Steelers will bring UCLA linebacker Aaron Barr to the South Side this week, a move which has been rumored for some time.

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