Special Thanks to The “Defeo Man”

The NFL Draft is the ground zero of the league’s ever-expanding “off season.” While that fact is obvious, it is a boon for those who are in the blogging business (or just blogging for the fun of it.) Traffic spikes during draft time to levels not seen outside of the playoffs….

  • Fate would have it the the 2014 NFL Draft saw me with a family issue which needed my attention, and would keep me from writing.

…And there’s nothing that says “irrelevant” about a blog then a major event which goes uncovered.

This might not always have been the case, but in the age of the 24/7 non-stop coverage, the faithful of Steelers Nation what news, commentary and analysis on the Black and Gold, they want it now, and if you don’t have it they’ll quickly forget you. Travel and family reasons kept me from writing before and and during Super Bowl XLV and, honestly, traffic took a deep hit as a result, and never fully recovered.

Tony is an accomplished writer in his own right, and someone who is my age and has shared memories, and in may ways seems to have lived the type of life I would have lived had my folks never left Pittsburgh.

Tony does occasional writing here. You can read his work on The Steelers Super Bowl XL run here.

So thanks again to the “Defeo Man” as his Twitter ID reads. Once again Steel Curtain Rising is in your debt.

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