Steelers “June Curse” Exacts Costly, Off Field Toll

Fortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers passed through the month of June without suffering any sort of calamity whose impact will be felt on the field come September.

  • But of course they failed to dodge the dreaded “Steelers June Curse.”

There’s no way anyone can say that about the month in which the Steelers Nation lost “The Emperor” Chuck Noll. Chuck Noll’s impact on Pittsburgh, the Steelers and the men he coached has been lauded here and parts elsewhere and need not be recounted now. Even if his formal role with the Steelers ended long ago, his loss will be keenly felt.

Steelers Lost Noll in June ’14

Yet, in terms of X’s and O’s, the impact is nill.

Still, there’s something eerie about the Steelers and the month of June since in this new millennium. Consider:

Of course, until proven otherwise, all of this is just coincidence. In the last year important figures such as Bill Nunn and L.C. Greenwood were lost outside of the month of June.

But no matter how you measure it, the month of June has not been kind to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization of late. Thankfully, its over. Into July an on to St. Vincents!

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