Steel Curtain Rising Offers Apologies to Direct TV South America

It’s time for Steel Curtain Rising to step forward and take one on the chin. Time to say “mea cupla.” About 40 minutes ago we published a post lambasting Direct TV South America for screwing Steelers fans. Viewing their programming guide, it seemed that the channel was not showing the Steelers-Colts game, and instead opted to show the Texans-Patriots Colts twice.

And while they Texans-Colts game does appear twice on their NFL Sunday Ticket programming guide, that has nothing to do with the Steelers game.

  • Because of course, the Steelers and Colts are playing at 4:30 Eastern. 

Yep. Quick glance at the Steelers Media Guide confirmed that after some suggestions from friend on Twitter about checking seeing what FOX Sports was showing independent of NFL Sunday ticket.

  • I fired first, and then asked questions. That was very bad on my part.

So I’ve deleted my previous, deleted all of the rants on Twitter, and now I’ll tender my apology to Direct TV South America and whoever manages the NFL Sunday Ticket. The truth is that while there have been service issues in the past, its been several years since s a programming error or issues has prevented me from seeing the Steelers game.

So you guys have done your part, and I was very wrong to call you out w/o checking the facts first. You have my apologies.

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