Steelers Defeat Titans 27-24, Rapid Reaction

What a game Steelers Nation! Steelers overcome 11 point defecit to defeat Titans 27-14 and here is rapid reaction.

Ok, raise your hand if you honestly didn’t see this Steelers rally vs. the Titans coming. Be honest. Raise high if you thought the game was over mid-way through the third quarter. Seriously, you thought Tomlin was tripped up by another trap game. You also thought that maybe the naysayers were right about Dick LeBeau?

  • There’s no shame in that, my hand is rasied too.

No, I don’t and didn’t buy into that nonsense about the game passing LeBeau by, but Mike Tomlin does have issues with trap games. Last week’s debacle vs. the Jets was only the latest example. But tonight, Tomlin had the last laugh:

Yes, the Tomlinator has earned his share of finger waging, and so might Todd Haley. The Steelers looked lost and listless for much of the game vs. Tennessee.

  • They couldn’t keep Ben Roethlisberger upright.
  • They couldn’t pressure Zach Mettenberger.
  • The Titan’s secondary made play after play, shutting down the Steelers air attack.
  • The Steelers secondary appeared to watch, as the Titans caught the ball.

But through it all, the Steelers could do one thing, from start to finish. And that is run the ball. Le’Veon Bell started the game with some impressive runs, but the Steelers forgot about him for a while. Then they remembered.

And by the time it was all over, Bell had accomplished something that neither Franco Harris, nor Jerome Bettis had pulled off – rush for over 200 yards in a game.

  • And that my friends was the difference in the game, pure and simple.

Its 2:00 am here in Buenos Aires and work looms large tomorrow morning. Check back tomorrow for more in-depth analysis from Steel Curtain Rising.


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