Steelers Defeat Chiefs Rapid Reaction as Pittsburgh Heads to Playoffs

Steelers Defeat Chiefs Rapid Reaction as Pittsburgh heads to playoffs. Woah! That was a nail bitter Steelers Nation. But the men and Black and Gold hung together, and pulled it off as the Pittsburgh Steelers won by 20 to 12 and in the process secured their first playoff berth since 2011.

As the 2014 season has progressed, the Killer Bees, aka Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell have gotten more and more attention, not only as the focal point of the Steelers offense, but of the entire team.

  • Such praise is well deserved, as each man has proven he belongs among the NFL’s elite.

Be that as it may be, it is the Steelers defense that shined today at Heinz Field. There is hardly a player on the defense whose name didn’t get called for making a big play at some point. Lawrence Timmons had perhaps his best game of the season. Cameron Heyward harassed the Chiefs all day long. James Harrison abused Eric Fisher and has to have at least someone on the South Side considering talking him into playing yet one more year.

  • Yes, the Chiefs put up a lot of yards, yes they won the time of possession battle.

But Kansas City entered the Red Zone 5 times, and each time the Steelers defense rebuffed them, holding them to 4 field goals.

The win ensures the Steelers will return to the playoffs with at least a Wild Card; the AFC North remains a possibility as Cincinnati comes to Heinz Field next week. They’ll be plenty of time to study that match up, but for now, Steel Curtain Rising encourages Steelers Nation to celebrate the way only true Steelers can. Listen to the Jimmy Psihoulis classic, the Western Pennsylvania Polka:

That’s all for now. Steel Curtain Rising will be back later with more in depth analysis. It is a great day to be a Steelers Fan!


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