Steelers Nation AFC, NFC Championship Rooting Guide

Then NFL has arrived at another Championship Sunday and the Pittsburgh Steelers are yet again sitting at home watching, leaving frustrated Steelers fans fumbling over “Who should I root for.” To help remedy that case, Steel Curtain Rising publishes its annual “Steeler Nation Rooting Guide to the AFC and NFC Championships.”

In 2013, we advised Steelers Nation to root for the birds, namely the Falcons and the Ravens, to prevent the 49ers from getting 6 Super Bowls and Bill Belichick from tying Chuck Noll’s record.
The 49ers failed in their shot at 6, and although the Ravens winning was no field day for Steelers fans, the Emperor’s record remained intact.

In 2014, we advised Steelers Nation to go all in for Denver, for the sake of seeing John Fox add another Super Bowl title to the Chuck Noll Coaching Tree. Denver did beat New England, but Fox was denied his Super Bowl by the Seahawks.

Who Should Steelers Nation Root for This Championship Sunday?

As it was in 2013 and 2014, Steelers Nation’s major, overriding interest in this game is the need to stop Bill Belichick. Nothing need be explained here, but the case will be restated for the sake of clarity.

Chuck Noll is a legend and an honorable man. 23 years after his retirement he remains the only NFL coach to win four Super Bowls. Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh’s Lombardi count stands at 3. Both were honorable men. Chuck Noll was an honorable man.

Bill Belichick is a cheater.

  • He also is the only active coach with a shot at tying Noll’s record. Therefore, he must be stopped.

Stopping Belichick presents Steelers fans with somewhat of a dilemma. Certainly, Steelers fans should root for the Colts. Do they have enough fire power to overcome New England….? Probably not. Steelers Nations should still channel their inner Hoosier in the AFC Championship game nonetheless.

The NFC Championship presents somewhat of a dilemma. With Pittsburgh out of things, Green Bay is somewhat of a natural favorite. After all, the Steelers of the 70’s and Lombardi’s Packers were cut from the same mold. Just as the Steelers are the NFL’s true Mom and Pop franchise, the Packers are community owned.

Really, when it comes to the NFC title game, Steelers fans should root for whoever has the best shot at defeating New England in the big dance. That’s probably Seattle, but if Green Bay wins, Aaron Rodgers will get an extra week to let his injury heal.

So if Steelers Nation roots with its heart it will root for Green Bay. If it roots with his mind, then Seattle is probably the way to go.

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