Steelers Antwon Blake Arrested, Is Pittsburgh More Interested in Patrick Robinson, Sterling Moore?

On the heels of Brice McCain’s defection to the Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson on Monday and on Tuesday are scheduled to host Sterling Moore a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Tomorrow morning both men will find their bargaining position with the Steelers stronger, if just a tad bit, because Steelers restricted free agent cornerback Antwon Blake was arrested over the weekend in California for public drunkenness.

  • The news was first broken by TMZ, but has since been picked up and confirmed by major media outlets and blog-based sites such as Behind the Steel Curtain.

Pittsburgh Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten issued the following statement “We are aware of the report and are still gathering information. We will have no further comment at this time.” Of course this is close to a word-for-word recitation of the statement Lauten makes every time a member of the Steelers gets mentioned for the wrong reasons.

The restricted free agent tender will allow the Steelers to match any offer for Blake, it is not guaranteed and can be removed by the Steelers. It is unlikely that the Steelers would remove the tender following Antwon Blake’s arrest, given that an arrest for pubic intoxication pales in comparions with the drunken rampage which Alameda Ta’amu went on in October 2012 which drew only a suspension from the Steelers.

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