Steelers Sign Arthur Moats and Matt Spaeth Ahead of Free Agency

While word is leaking across the NFL about who the Philadelphia Eagles are going to sign next, the Pittsburgh Steelers focused on their own. The Steelers signed Arthur Moats and Matt Spaeth, taking both men off of the free agent market.

Moats announced the deal via Twitter:

Moats is believed to have signed a 3 year 7.5 million dollar contract. No word has released on what part of that deal is guaranteed, but the sum is likely modest.

Word of Matt Speath’s signing also came via Twitter.

Spaeth signed a two year deal, and while details were not announced, it is likely at or near the veteran minimum.

Where Do The Moats and Spaeth Signings Leave the Steelers?

By bringing back Aurthur Moats the Steelers helped shore up depth at outside linebacker, where they currently only have started Jarvis Jones uncontract. While the team could theoretically resign Jason Woirlds, Worilds will become a free agent.

  • The Steelers have made it clear that while the value Worilds, Keivin Colbert described him as an “ascending player” they’re clearly not going to over pay him.

Worilds name has already been linked to Tennessee and Philadelphia, and it’s there’s a sellers market for pass rushers. Signing Arthur Moats gives the Steelers options, although Moats one would think and hope that the Steelers are still projecting Moats as a backup.

  • The situation is different at tight end.

Heath Miller is of course the incumbent starter and he is not going anywhere. Matt Spaeth looks to return to his number two slot, and tight end is a position the Steelers will target in the 2015 NFL Draft. The team also has Rob Blanchflower on their roster, who served on their 2014 practice squad and was a 7th round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Spaeth’s signing does likely doom the chances that the Steelers will offer a contract to tight end Michael Palmer. The resilient tight end could get an invitation to St. Vincents, but that only happens if the Steelers strike out on tight ends in the draft.

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