Steelers 2015 Undrafted Rookie Free Agent Class Top-Heavy with Offensive Lineman

With third day of the 2015 NFL Draft complete, the Pittsburgh Steelers staff sprang into action to complete the “fourth day” namely signing undrafted rookie free agents.

While additional changes might be forth coming the Steelers 2015 undrafted rookie free agent class includes 12 players, and after including no offensive lineman in their 2015 Draft class, the Steelers undrafted rookie free agent class is heavy on the offensive line.

Center, B.J. Finney, 6’4”, 318, from Kansas State
Guard, Miles Dieffenbach, 6’3”, 303, out of Penn State
Guard, Reese Dismukes, 6’3”, 296, who played for Auburn
Guard, Collin Rahrig, 6’2” 285, out of Indiana
Offensive Tackle, Kevin Whimpey, 6’5”, 295, of Utah State
Tight End, Cameron Clear, 6’11”, 277, from Texas A&M
Wide Receiver, Tyler Murphy, 6’2” 213, out of Boston College
Wide Receiver, Eli Rogers, 5’10”, 180, from Louisville
Running Back, Ross Scheuerman, 6’10”, 204, out of Lafayette (Pennsylvania)
Defensive End, Dominique Davis, 6’5”, 285,who played for Liberty
Defensive End, Brandon Prate, 6’4”, 285, from Illinois State
Defensive Tackle, Nigel Crawford, 6’5” 285, who played for St. Augustine University*

*ESPN is reporting the that the Steelers have signed Nigel Crawford, but other outlets are not.
That’s fully 5 offensive lineman, 1 tight end, two wide outs, a running back, and two defensive ends. Ask Kevin Colbert, and I am sure he will swear the Steelers were out there signing as many of the top-rated undrafted rookie free agents as they could.

But the Steelers 2015 undrafted rookie free agent class does seem to nicely cover roster needs left untouched by the Steelers 2015 draft class.

  • Surely that’s a coincidence.

Undrafted rookie free agents are the NFL’s equivalent of Rudy. They’re there to act as practice bodies during training camp. The main goal of an undrafted rookie free agent is to make it to St. Vincents in the first place.

Still, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert has an uncanny knack with unrestricted rookie free agents. In fact the longest two plays in Super Bowl history were authored in Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII by undrafted rookie free agents signed by Kevin Colbert, namely Willie Parker and James Harrison.

If nothing else, these young men will get a fair shake at a roster spot from the Steelers.

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