Steelers Sign Senquez Golson, Plus Video of Golson vs. Alabama

The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed 2nd round pick Senquez Golson to a four year contract worth an estimated 4 million dollars including a 1 million dollar signing bonus. The Golson contrat value estimates come courtesy of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s Mark Kabloy, based on NFL’s rookie wage scale put in place by the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  • The Golson signing means the Steelers now have come to terms with 4 of 8 picks for the 2015 draft class.

First round pick Bud Dupree, 3rd round pick Sammie Coates, 5th round pick Jesse James and 7th round pick Gerod Holliman have yet to sign contracts with the Steelers, but agreements with all four are foregone conclusions.

Senquez Golson’s contract might not qualify as “news” in today’s NFL, as the 2011 CBA took away the last vestiges of negotiating leverage that rookies had, but it present the chance to share more video of Senquez Golson doing what he does best – intercepting the ball.

The play came during the Ole’ Miss-Alabama match up, and Golson is covering Alabama’s O.J. Howard, who is a 6’6” tight end. Golson makes what is nothing less than a jaw-dropping interception, where his ball tracking skills, focus, and athleticism are all on display.

Earlier during the Steelers 2014 off season, Steel Curtain Rising’s analysis of the “Lake Effect” demonstrated just how starved the Steelers defense has been for interceptions during the Mike Tomlin era. When you see Senquez Golson making interceptions like that, it becomes very easy to understand why the Steelers would look into trading up in the second round to get him.

  • Ultimately, the Steelers didn’t need to make a move, and still got their man.

Senquez Golson will find making such plays more difficult in the NFL – the Tom Brady’s and Peyton Mannings will deliver deep balls with more accuracy than that, and he’d have to get both feet in bounds to make that count as an interception. But it was an incredible play by Golson.

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