4 Surprises from Steelers Victory Over Bengals

The Steelers victory over the Bengals was HUGE by any measure. It gives Pittsburgh a much needed road win against the AFC North leader, and even if it doesn’t allow them to win another AFC North title, Steelers clearly dominated physically.

Yet the Steelers victory over Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium brought some surprises, which we draw out here.

Shazier and Harrison Can BLOCK

OK, maybe this doesn’t qualify as a surprise, but it’s an excuse to share a great video. Ryan Shazier opened a can of whip ass on Tyler Kroft. IF the NFL concussion spotters didn’t pull him off of the field after that play, they should have. They probably should have double check Shazier.

It looks like James Harrison is laying out Ryan Hewitt, although it’s impossible to be sure from this video. And argument can be made the he too should have been checked by the NFL’s side line neuro consultant.

Mike Tomlin Declined to Go for Two

As far backs as OTA’s the Mike Tomlin made no bones about adopting an aggressive attitude regarding going for two. Sure enough, the Steelers have gone for 2 early and often this season.

  • Yet, the Steelers departed from that strategy against the Bengals.

Steel Curtain Rising doesn’t argue with the results. Chris Boswell made all three extra points and the Steelers won by 13. But it is interesting that in the Steelers biggest game of the season, Tomlin decided to play it conservatively when it comes to PAT’s.

The Steelers lead the league in Two Point Conversion attempts at 10, and have a 70% success rate. Yet vs. Cincinnati, Mike Tomlin chose to play it safe.

Williams Only Averaged 3.3 Yards Per Carry

DeAngelo Williams had another fine game, scored the offense’s 2 touchdowns, and helped move the chains when it counted. But a peek at the stat sheet following the game yielded a surprise – Williams only rushed for 3.3 yards per carry.

That’s certainly respectable, but his average for the season is 4.7 yards per carry. At first glance his percentage is far below the 7.89 yards per carry he logged in the Steelers loss to Cincinnati after Le’Veon Bell was injured, but he got 55 of his 71 yards on one carry.

Roethlisberger Didn’t Throw a Touchdown Pass

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has thrown a touchdown pass in every game he has finished in 2015 up until the Steelers win in Cincinnati. Of course he did throw one to Antonio Brown in the Steelers loss to the Bengals at Heinz Field so we’ll gladly trade the TD pass for a win.

(Of course if Martavis Bryant holds on to a should-be catch, Roethlisberger gets his touchdown.)

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