Steelers Sign Tyler Matakevich and Demarcus Ayers, 7th Round Draft Picks

Who says “the last shall be least?” It doesn’t work that way, at least it terms of which NFL draft picks get their signing bonus checks direct deposited to their bank accounts. The 2016 NFL Draft hasn’t been in the history books for even a week, yet the Pittsburgh Steelers have already signed two of their draft picks.

  • announced that the Steelers had come to terms with 7th round draft picks Demarcus Ayers and Tyler Matakevich.

As 7th round picks, neither man is guaranteed a roster spot, but Demarcus Ayers, the wide receiver out of Houston, will do himself wonders if he can show the he’s capable of returning punts instead of Antonio Brown (Mike Tomlin’s protests to the contrary.) It would also behoove Ayers to catch whatever passes, Ben Roethlisberger, Bruce Gradkowski, Landry Jones and/or Dustin Vaughan throw his way this summer at St. Vincents.

  • Tyler Matakevich, the inside linebacker out of Temple, has a slightly straighter line to a roster spot.

The Steelers lost inside linebackers Sean Spence and Terence Garvin in free agency, and only picked up Steven Johnson. Theoretically, that opens at least one roster spot, although 2014’s 6th round pick Jordan Zumwalt will get one final shot at making his NFL dream a reality.

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