Steelers Nation Salutes the Pittsburgh Penguins on their Stanley Cup Victory

Pittsburgh is once again the City of Champions!

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Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup; Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

If you feel like you’ve read those words before here on Steel Curtain Rising, it is because you have, precisely 7 years ago, when the Penguins last won the Stanley Cup.

Yours truly cannot really claim to be a Penguins fan. Heck, its impossible to watch Penguins games, even the Stanley Cup finals here in Buenos Aires without resorting to an illegal stream on the internet. But if a team hails from Pittsburgh, this site supports it. Period.

  • So Steelers Nation Salutes Pittsburgh Penguins!

Now, the key question is, can history repeat itself?

The last Penguins Stanley Cup Championship came four months after the James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers to victory in Super Bowl XLIII. There’s of course no guarantee that the stars will line up like that, after all the Penguins 1991 and 1992 acted as a championship bridge for the city of Pittsburgh in between Super Bowl XIV and Super Bowl XL.

But it sure would be nice if the planets would align again.

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