Note to Steelers Nation: The Kenny Pickett Era is Over. Let’s Move On.

As I recently recounted, this spring I took a “Second Steelers Sabbatical” that started in late March and continued through to the beginning of May. “Sabbatical” in this sense meant that I neither wrote about the Steelers nor did I touch social media.

Kenny Pickett, Steelers vs Ravens

Kenny Pickett drops back. Photo Credit: Karl Roser,

You can read about my reflections on the lessons learned from my Steelers Sabbatical here. Today I’m going to talk about something that shocked me when I returned to Twitter/X in early May:

  • Steelers Nation was still bickering about Kenny Pickett as if he was starting a game on Sunday.

Seriously. By itself amount of debate about Kenny Pickett was astounding. The tone of that debate was downright jaw dropping. And the fact that the debate continued through OTAs and mini-camp? Nothing less than mind blowing.

Here’s a random screenshot taken on June 16th:

Kenny Pickett, Kenny Pickett X

Screenshot taken of Kenny Pickett trending on X on June 16th 2024

Yes. Nearly 3 months to the day after the Steelers traded Kenny Pickett to Philadelphia he remained a trending topic on X.

Pickett Personifies Polarization

Politics and religion have always been and will remain verboten topics on this site.

But one can stay in the rules and still observe that US society is highly polarized. And we are hardly unique. In Argentina they call it “La Grieta” or the “The crack” that divides society. Steelers Nation seems to be mimicking this with Kenny Pickett.

There only seem to be room for two flavors at Steelers Nation’s Kenny Pickett Ice Cream Parlor:

A. Kenny Pickett is a latent Hall of Famer savagely sabotaged by Matt Canada’s ineptitude
B. Kenny Pickett is the worst first round pick and worst quarterback in Steelers history

(Someone in fact made this latter statement in the final week of June… I guess the kid never heard of let alone saw Mark Malone.)

Got a more nuanced opinion on Pickett? Concede he has been disappointing but still deserves time, and say point to Terry Bradshaw’s experience as support for your argument?

Express that view out loud and you’ll find yourself in a no-man’s land the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Somme.

While that dynamic is problematic in-and-of-itself, it was understandable while Pickett still wore the Black and Gold. But he isn’t wearing it now. He’s not likely to wear it the future. Instead he’s holding a clipboard 304 miles down the Turnpike. Barring injury to Jaylen hurts he’ll be doing that for the next two years.

I admit. I expected a lot more from Kenny Pickett last season. Devlin Hodges threw 5 touchdown passes in 8 appearances in 2019, whereas Picket barley managed 6 in 12 games in 2023.

Yet, I thought his quarter-by-quarter improvement offered real hope and, like Craig Wolfley, I was deeply disappointed that Kenny Pickett balked at competing with and being mentored by Russell Wilson, a Super Bowl quarterback.

But Kenny Pickett bailed instead. And now he’s gone.

  • And that’s the moral of the story here Steelers Nation, the Kenny Pickett era is over.

Love it or hate it let’s just accept it and move on.

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2 thoughts on “Note to Steelers Nation: The Kenny Pickett Era is Over. Let’s Move On.

  1. Dear KT. Disappoint is the first word that comes to my mind. And I still believe that he got more than he showed wearing the black and gold. Yes, call me hard minded but I was born in May under the sign of Taurus. I blame Canada and his stupidity of Kenny failure but you tell me: how will he show something better as the backup of a young franchise QB? His stupidity is even bigger than that of Canada. That was a desperate move. And his entire career is on the line. I think he is digging his grave… I feel nothing but pity for him [I can say I feel the same heartbreak sensation that I feel for Bell and Brown] I wish him the best wherever he goes. [And as always, sorry for the English butchery]

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