Steelers-Browns Game Not Shown in Buenos Aires…

As expected, neither Direct TV, nor ESPN, nor FOX are showing the Steelers-Browns game in Buenos Aires.

Domestically the game is being shown by the NFL Network. The NFL’s quest to forced cable providers to carry the NFL Network makes their strategy of making a number of games exclusively avaiable on the NFL Network quite logical.

But what sense does it make outside the United States?

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Super Bowl XLV from Porto de Galinhas

It seems like I began a tradition two years ago by spending the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIII in Tandil, which is in the Province of Buenos Aires.

This time I am going a step further, spending Super Bowl week in Brazil’s Porto de Galinhas.

Except this time I will be in Brazil for the game.

I hope to be able to find a place to watch it, or at the very least be able to see the game on TV in the hotel.

So folks, if you’re Porto de Galinhas or near that part of Brazil and know of place that is showing the game, please leave a comment, perhaps we can join up.

I’ll have limited ability to post this week, but I do hope to get something up before the game.

In the mean time, check out my Primer on Steelers-Packers History if you have not already.

Go Steelers!

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Steelers Fans in Buenos Aires Unite!

It is time for Steelers fans in Buenos Aires to unite! Tomorrow the Alamo will be showing the game. If you’re in Capital Federal, try to be there.

Last week there was no cover, but they did charge 40 pesos which could be used towards drinks or food.

So bring your Terrible Towels and let’s make our presence known. Last week the place was dominated by Ravens fans, so now let’s turn the tables.

The Alamo is on the fringes for Recoleta, on Uruguay street between Arenales and Santa Fe.

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Just Say NO to the 18 Game Season!, Part I

They say that from age arises wisdom. If that is true then there is probably no wiser of a veteran than the Steelers James Farrior.

Which makes Farrior’s comments about the owners impending 18 game season nothing short of jaw-dropping. In an article with the Tribune Review’s Scott Brown, Farrior recently conceded that the 18 game season is inevitable (click here to read the full article.)

He may be right. Nonetheless, that fails to make an 18 game season a good idea, and it does not mean that the NFL Players Association should not fight this tooth and nail.

Immediate Impact on the Steelers

I do not make the above statement lightly. A decision by the NFLPA to put its foot down on the 18 game season would likely elevate the probability of a lock out from highly probably to something near metaphysical certitude.

Judged solely from a “how does it affect the Steelers” view point, a protracted lockout leading to a canceled 2011 season would be a disaster.

No football in 2011 could easily mean the end to the careers of Aaron Smith, Hines Ward, and perhaps Farrior himself. It would mean that the next time Casey Hampton set foot on a football field he’d be 35. Brett Keisel would be 34 and so would James Harrison. Troy Polamlau would be 32.

Much has been made of the age of this group of Steelers. Nonetheless it is perfectly plausible that this core of men could make another run at a Lombardi in 2011, regardless of how the current season concludes.

But what about 2012? Add another year to a couple of key players, and you’re much, much more dependant on rookie contributions.

But the game is bigger than the Steelers, which is why the 18 game season must be fought.

The “Problem” of Preseason Football

To listen to Roger Goodell, fans are really demanding the 18 game season, because they’re fed up with preseason football.

Personally, I like preseason and missing not being able to see the games down here in Buenos Aires. Preseason offers fans two things they otherwise do not get:

  • An extended look at new players
  • A chance to see a bunch of guys give everything they’ve got in purist of a dream

Nonetheless, I understand and respect the argument of season ticket holders who object to being forced to buy preseason tickets, and of other fans who are forced to pay full price for something that is less than the NFL’s top product.

On top of that, preseason has changed. Those over 30 or so might remember the Sports Illustrated commercials that began shortly after the 4th of July, hyping “the time that helmets are strapped and hands are tapped and protected.” As SI told the story, the dawning of NFL training camps was a time to them to spring into action.

Those spots ran in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Back then, preseason was a beacon of hope for a populace that had been starved of football in 5 or 6 months. There was no internet then, and even if there was, free agency did not exist and OTA’s were just blurb to fill out unused space in Sports sections.

How to Scale the Preseason Mole Hill

Goodell and other 18 game apologists are not even fooling themselves by insisting that extending the season is the only way to go. Several solutions exist, many of which have been suggested first by others, some are my own. Here they go:

  • Simply drop one game from the preseason –

Coaches play starters sparingly in the 1st and 4th games anyway. A three game preseason might give their reps in and rookies could still get a decent look.

  • Convert one preseason game into an all rookie or all youth scrimmage

Similar to the first proposal, but this one would give rookies, undrafted free agents, and guys who simply hang on practice squads year-in and year-out a bigger shot a prime time.

  • Make preseason an optional part of season ticket packages

Owners could roll the costs into the regular season and/or provide incentives (such as greater chances to buy additional playoff tickets, points that you can accmulate to get better seats) to purchase preseason tickets. This would also allow non-season ticket holders a better shot at games.

  • Move games to neutral sites

Having teams play 1-2 preseason games at a site outside of either team’s home field would help expand the NFL’s fan bases by giving other communities a chance to see NFL football.

The fallacy of the “need” for an 18 game season because of problems with the NFL Preseason is self-evident.

But that says nothing of the why going to an 18 game season would be fundamentally bad for the game. Stay tuned for Part II where we’ll bring that out in detail.

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Roethlisberger, Pouncey, and Polamalu Honored as Steelers Nation Hopes for 7 in ’11

Happy New Year to all! Shortly after the New Year arrived here in Buenos Aires, I sent my friend Gustavo a text message: “Feliz Ano Nuevo. Esperamos para seven en eleven.” (For those who do not speak Spanish, that’s “Happy New Year. Wishing for Seven in ’11.”

This is of course what Steelers Nation is hoping for, that 2011 with begin with a climb on the Stairway to Seven.

Whether that happens of course, will be decided in the weeks to come. Mean, while, some thoughts on the one that just ended.

Roethlisberger Comes Full Circle (with the Media at Least)

It was what, October or September 2009 that Ben (not so politely) shucked off questions from Scott Brown about his impending appearance on the WWE’s Monday Night Raw and was overheard, “I ain’t gonna win no Rooney award” or something to that effect?

Earlier this week, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Pro Football Writers Association gave Ben Roethlisberger the Chief Award, for his cooperativeness with the media.

Steel Curtain Rising has already discussed the media’s role in the Roethlisberger rehabilitation (click here to read the full article) so we need not repeat our argument here. Suffice to say, Ben Roethlisberger is showing a very, very different side to the Pittsburgh media.

Pouncey Wins Rookie of the Year Honors

To the surprise of no one, rookie center and first round draft pick Maurkice Pouncey was named Steelers rookie of the year (when did the award stop being the “Joe Greene Great Performance Award” anyway?)

On the day that the Steelers selected Pouncey with their first pick in the NFL’s 2010 draft, Steel Curtain Rising ran a poll, asking if Pouncey would be another Center in the image of Ray Mansfield, Mike Webster, Dermontti Dawson, and Jeff Hartings. At the time, mentioning the name of a rookie along side those Hall of Famers was more of a joke than anything else.

If his rookie season is any indication, Pouncey will not simply show that he live up to the Steeler’s legacy a center, he’ll will add his own contributions to that legacy.

Other Rookie Contributions Abound

The good news is that Maurkice Pouncey was the consensus rookie of the year in a season when several rookies stepped forward to make discernable contributions.

This is a far cry from 2008 when the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Pro Football Writers Association turned to undrafted rookie free agent Patrick Bailey for the award, basically because it had to go to someone.

Finally, a Word on Troy Polamalu

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was named by his teammates as 2010’s Most Valuable Player. The amazing thing is that this is the first time he has won the award.

Polamalu, characteristically, sought to deflect credit for the award, but he should have won it in a walk. Polamalu has thus far provided a game-changing or perhaps the game changing play in the Steelers victories against Atlanta, Buffalo, Baltimore, and Cincinnati.

Hats off to Troy Polamalu. Have a happy and a healthy New Year.

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Random Thoughts on Steelers Overtime Victory Over Atlanta

Alas, as mentioned earlier, Steelers fans in Argentina, and presumptively in the rest of the southern cone of South America, were not able to see the Black and Gold square off against the Falcons via Direct TV. (And internet links did not seem to be much of a help.)

Thankfully, highlights were available from The RedZone, although given the low-scoring nature of the contest, few were shown.

Nonetheless, here are a few highlights, based on my limited observations:

  • Bryant McFadden made a first down saving, helmet removing hit during the first half.
  • Ziggy Hood appeared to have a key pressure on a key third down that forced a Falcon’s field goal attempt.
  • The Steelers defense seemed to be playing with two down lineman, at least according to the commentators
  • Lawrence Timmons and James Harrison had a great “sack-strip-six” sequence overturned on replay (probably a good call by the replay official)
  • Troy Polamalu did what Troy Polamalu did what he does, stopping the Falcons cold when they were looking to win it at the end of regulation
  • The Steelers defense forced a very quick 3 and out after the Falcons won the first toss
  • Rashard Mendenhall had a fabulous 50 yard game-clinching run, made possible in part by a key block from Hines Ward

Hines Ward of course led the team in receiving, and in doing so broke the 11,000 yards receiving mark, something that only 23 other men have done. Very little of Dennis Dixon’s play was shown on the Red Zone, but he at least avoided any game-costing mistakes. The box score doesn’t show that he was much of a treat to run the ball, however.

My ears also perked up when I heard that Jonathan Scott was in the game… I am sure there will be plenty of news as to why.

A 15-9 contest and one decided in OT is not what the network execs like, and although you’d like to see the Steelers win by a bigger margin, Mike Tomlin I am sure has already said, “we don’t add style points, a win is a win.” Or, as Bill Cowher would have said, they “found a way to win.”

Share Your Thoughts

Now is when we turn to you. If you saw the game, what were your thoughts? Who else not mentioned here stood out? What was good? What prompted concern? Please leave a comment and share your observations and opinions.

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Steelers Hold Camp in Mexico – Argentina Next?

As chronicled last week in the Post-Gazette’s Blog ‘N Gold, Behind the Steel Curtain, and, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the first NFL football team to hold a camp for fans down in Mexico.

As a member of Steelers Nation living abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, anything brings the Steelers closer to Latin America is worthy of excitement.

To sum up the story, Ziggy Hood, Keenan Lewis, Mike Wallace, and Daniel Sepúlveda traveled to Mexico City to put on a clinic that drew 500 kids in addition about 1000 spectators.

¿How Big Is This?

Getting 1500 people to show up for a Steelers event might not seem like much, but it is. While the attention of sports fans in the US has long been divided between individual sports like tennis and golf and “the big four” team sports, here in Latin America soccer has occupied most of the latter space all for itself. Moreover, the the World Cup is being played (which is kind of like March Madness, the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, and NBA finals — all at once), and Mexico is doing well

None of that stopped Mexico’s first lady Margarita Zavala, who was in South Africa for the World Cup, from traveling across the ocean to attend. That should give you an idea of how big this is.

The Steelers have long been popular in Mexico – remember how the Black and Gold dominated the 85,000 who were on hand at Azteca Stadium for the preseason game in 2000 against the Colts, but their decision to put on a camp in Mexico amounts to an important milestone.

Steelers Sites in Mexico

One of the good things to come out of this is the fact that so many Steelers groups in Mexico are getting good publicity out of this. This site has drawn a huge number of visitors from Mexico, and if the statistics from Google Analytics are at all reliable, these visitors come back regularly.

¡Muchas gracias a mis quierdos lectores de Mexico! ¡Les agredezco su apoyo y lealtad!

Just a little research reveals that there are several Steelers sites written in Mexico, including:

Doubtlessly there are more, and that is where you come in. If you know of any other Spanish language or Latin American-based Steelers sites, please share them by leaving a comment.

Hombres de Acero en Argentina

Is the title suggests, there is a Steelers following here in Argentina. The NFL is not very popular down here, and for awhile Direct TV only provided one third of the NFL Sunday Ticket (not a good way to achieve market penetration, let me tell you), although hopefully the efforts of the Argentine American Football Association have made that a thing of the past.

When I first moved to Buenos Aires in 2001 I founded and proclaimed myself President of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Buenos Aires.

Thus far we have an inactive vice President (a great guy, but running your own business is demanding), and another, more active member whom I met while watching Super Bowl XLIII.

So if you are a Steelers fan in Buenos Aries, make your presence known and let’s see if we can generate come momentum for the Black and Gold down on the opposite end of Latin America.

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Steelers vs. Ravens – Live

Well, here we are. Yours truly is going to try to blog live, watch the game, and for the time being, speak to my folks who are on the phone from Maryland (the DC suburbs, but don’t worry, they’re pulling for the Black and Gold, for whatever that will get us.)

Let’s see how things being to unfold!

1st Quarter:

Well, they started off smart with a run, but then failed to execute on the second run.

Dennis Dixon is lucky his second NFL pass was not a pick six… Folks, this is going to be a long night.

Ravens Take Possession After Punt

What is this? They will be showing that is olding in referee school. That was not just a hold, but a clip on Harrison.

…Right now William Gay is not making anyone forget Bryant McFadden.

And our run defense looks like it is maling it in. Rice just ran 20 something yards untouched.

Boy, is this going to be a long night.

It is now 8:14 in the first, and the Ravens are up 7…. And they’re making it look easy.

Steelers Get Possession on the Kick Off

Well, I guess that was sort of a “good series” in that we did not turn over the ball. Clearly, we’re not going to win this just feeding the ball the Mendenhall, although he does look good to night.

What! How does Hartwig get holding called on him, when his “holding” was far less evident than what happened with James Harrison!

That was a great run by Dixon, alas, they fooled no one on the ensuing draw play.

Ravens Take Possession After the Punt

Nice run defense. Why can’t the Steelers execute on screens like that. Nice coverage on 3rd and 2.

Why did Logan fair catch that?

Steelers Take Possession

Well, those were some nice runs by Willie Parker. Mendenhall has earned the starting job, without a doubt, but it is good to see Parker strut his stuff.

Well, Dixon is 2-3, so I guess that is good. Still, the fact that both calls (and perhaps all three) have been screens reveal a lot about what the coaches think of him. That said, they didn’t exactly have time to install a game plan for Dixon.

Second Quarter (Steelers begin with Ball)

I guess I should question Dixon more!

That kid has an arm on him. And take note Bruce, what running the ball a little can do for your play action passing game.

Those were two great tosses by Dixon, and Tone had a great run back for six.

Ravens Take Possession on Kick Off

Nice defensive series, I too was worried that Tyronne Carter was going to draw a flag, but that one was close.

Not sure why Logan fielded that punt, although he did get something out of it.

Steelers Take Possession After Punt

Nice run by Mendenhall. The line has really improved, but if can you imagine how well he would do if we had a dominante line?

Another nice pass by Dixon.

(After the time out)

Baltimore seems intent on turning up the pressure on Dixon. He seems to be making good decisions, however.

Spaeth gets called for holding. If only he had done that to James Harrison.

Nice work on Mendenhall on the screen. Now why can’t we et those up better…?

…Tomlin just called another time out. I guess this is a hazzard to having a rookie QB. What a waste of an effort from Holmes. Mewelde Moore certainly was holding but, again, had Ray Lewis’ name been James Harrison….

Ravens Take Over After Punt (4:04 left in first half.)

Steelers defense needs to look sharpe here. A Splash Play would not hurt….

Well, the defense let up a couple of good plays, but that was a great play by them that got negated by the illegal formation play.

Why is Keyron Fox in the game?

Well, we got burned, and burned bad by Flacco. And that one was on Gay. Why in the hell did he let up?

I know Desha Townshend has lost a step, but….

Well, we’re at the 2 min warning. This is big.

I guess it is time for Ike Taylor to give up a big play. (Although Flacco positioned that ball perfectly, still Ike competely miss timed his jump.)

Pittsburgh Takes Over After Kickoff

OK. Let’s see how Dixon runs the two minute offense….

Well, I guess if Dixon does nothing more than had off to Mewelde Moore, we really won’t know. I can see running on first, but then to try another draw play?

Of course then again, the hand off to Carey Davis (which we only saw on replay down here in Latin America) worked. Still, they get a first and 10 with 20 seconds left.

Why didn’t they throw it, at least once?

Second Half

Ok, we get the ball back and we need to take advantage.

My bad, the Ravens get the ball. OK, let’s see if we can get some better play from the secondary. God, we need Polamalu back.

What happened to the run defense?

SPLASH PLAY – Good strip by William Gay!

Now, let’s see if we can do better than a one yard run by Mendenhall.

Does it seem like Mendenhall is just one block from breaking one?

That was some intense play by Ray Lewis.

Chris Carr might want to think of Fair Catching the next one. If nothing else, special teams does not lack intensity tonight.

Good Series by the defense, excellent pressure. Interesting that Baltimore did not try to throw on third.

Nice run back by Logan.

Steelers Take Over After Punt

Baltimore Takes Over After Punt

That was a heck of a run after the catch by Mendenhall. You’ve got to like this guy’s hustle.

Wallace should have caught the pass, but it was not thrown perfectly, so that was a tough one. Not sure that I agree with the Spanish commentators who took Dixon to task for showing his furstrations. He’s a kid, and he could have just as well been thinking he could have delivered the ball better.

Well, you never want to settle for a field goal, but it is good to get points on the board.

Ravens Take Over After Field Goal.

Again, I do not like the way they’re getting long runs on the defense…

Well, Timmons streaks through the line to get a sack.

Woodley gets Flacco on third.

There you have the Steelers 2008 first and second round picks delivering for you.

Steelers Take Over After Punt

Well, the pass to Hines Ward was the only thing to write home about on that series.

Is Dixon getting a little too excited? Some of those passes were a little wild.

Shame to give up a touchback. Would have been nice to pin them down.

Ravens Take Over After Punt

Surprised that the Ravens are not running it, and starting with flanker screens. OK, they just gave it to McClain twice, and he is doing quite well….

Wait, now he’s down.

Well, we backed them up on a third and 12, but Gay, Townsend, and Clark all missed tackles on the screen.

Fourth Quarter Begins (Ravens have the Ball)

Well, the fourth quarter is upon us, and the Steelers need to step it up.

Not sure if Taylor should have been flagged, but Mendenhall looked good on the first run… only to get stuffed on his second.

Spanish commentators just made the same observation about Dixon as I did.

My GOD. Now we’re going to have problems covering punts….?

Ravens Take Over after Punt.

It looks like Timmons just got a sack strip!

Let’s see what the call is. Good way to neuturalize a special teams play!

Steelers Take Over after fumble recovery

A couple of great runs by Mendenhall. Then another by Dixon.

Why doesn’t Dixon try to run with it on other plays?

Well, we have our answer now! What a run!

God, this guy is fast. What a way to burn someone on a blitz. Great play by Miller selling the pass all the way.

Ravens Take Over After Kick Off

Baltimore’s got the ball back, and they’re being aggressive. I hope LeBeau keeps the pressure up.

Big third down coming up. Nope, penalty brings it back ten yard and repeat second down.

Spanish commentators just said the Ravens needed to start taking risks.

Too early, but we’ll see.

Ravens make a great play, but Ryan Clark makes a beautiful tackle saving the first down.

Baltimore takes a time out, deciding whether or not it will punt.

Well, they went for it on 4th and were rewarded big time. God, there were a lot of missed tackles.

Steelers take first time out. Mike, be wise about this, Dixon is going to need them.

Steelers hold.

Baltimore kicks a Field Goal, I guess that is better than giving up a TD.

Baltimore About to Kick Off

Logan – Can you step it up?

Well, let’s see Dixon under the pressure cooker. Interesting to see if Baltimore blitzes or throws everyone into coverage.

Well, it is third down, and Dixon has looked excited on his first two passes.

I say run the ball, and get the clock running. If nothing else you force Baltimore to burn a time out.

Well, they did just that. I like Mewelede, but these tosses to him on third down are not working.

Now we need to pin them down deep.

Baltimore Takes Over After Punt

Once again the self destruction continues. Ike Taylor’s pass interference penalty gives them plenty of time to get the rest of what they need to kick.

I expect Baltimore to keep it on the ground from here on out.

Wow. Cudos for LeBeau for keeping the pressure up.

Now Let’s see what happens in OT.

Over Time

Tails two weeks in a row. The Steelers have now had two consecutive games go into OT, twice they have called tails and gotten the ball back. Now let’s see if they make a little better accounting for themselves.

Well, that first series was OK, all things considered.

While I am all for taking shots down the field, I honestly think Dixon should have run with it on second.

Well, we pinned them down at about the 15 it looks. Now its up to the defense.

Ravens Take Over After Punt

OK. The Defense forced a three and out. Cannot ask for more than that (actually, a turnover would have been nice.)

I say go for all of the marbels and try to block the punt.

Well, they didn’t do that, and Dixon’s interception was the end of the game.

Tough way to lose, but don’t blame the kid. They should have rolled him out and given him the option to run. And the defense could have done more to protect the lead when they had it.

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Super Bowl XLIII – From Tampa to Buenos Aires

Super Bowl XLIII was watched by millions around the globe, and today’s post will give you a chance to see the game through two very unique vantages.

Super Bowl XLIII: The View From Buenos Aires

As regular readers of this site know, Steel Curtain Rising is written out of Buenos Aires. Although yours truly has been here since 2001, Super Bowl XLIII was only the fourth Super Bowl I’ve seen down here.

Believe it or not, there are Argentines who play American Football. Not two hand touch, not flag football, but full pads, full contact American Football. And let me tell you, these guys are serious, hard-core football men.

So the FAA’s annual Super Bowl party was held in the Run Bar, nestled on the other side of San Martin across the street from the vacant Harrods building.

My wife and I had reservations, but the place was packed. Our choices were in the back by the door, or up front by the screen. (I secretly wanted to be up front, but knowing my wife hates being so close to big screens, I let her pick – good move as the place got quite hot, and we were glad to be by the door.)

Prior to the game I got to meet Sergio Biagini, the President of the FAA, and we talked a little business, as we’re going to work together to try to see if we can get the NFL (or someone) to show more games down here. (See my rant about Direct TV’s “One Third of the Sunday Ticket” deal.)

Let the record reflect that the rooting at Run Bar was probably 30-40% pro Arizona, 20-25% pro Steelers, and the rest more or less neutral. But my wife and I had the good fortune to land a seat next to Gustavo, and Argentine Dr. who has been an avid Steelers Fan since the 1990’s.

We talked a fair amount of football, and I can tell you that the guy knows his stuff, and is even able to offer some rather nuanced opinions on Kordell Stewart.

  • All the more impressive considering that the man has never even visited US, let alone Pittsburgh!

The game itself of course was a heart stopper, but enjoyable nonetheless. The Cardinal’s cheering section was louder, but Steelers Nation’s contingent made up for any lack of quantity with quality.

When it was clear that the Steel Curtain Had Risen Again, we even let out the rallying cry of Steelers Nation, “Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit, Spit, Spit, If You Ain’t A Steelers Fan You Ain’t Sh_t, Go Steelers!” Truthfully, the rest of those present didn’t quite know what to make of that, and were somewhat taken aback.

  • Understandable, but history demands such that refined, time-honored traditions be respected.

Aside from victory itself and the glory of the Steelers Sixth Super Bowl, aside from the joy of spending it with my wife (she stayed home for Super Bowl XL and I would have enjoyed it more had she been there), perhaps the biggest plus came after the game, when I gave Gustavo one of my extra Terrible Towels. He’d mentioned something about getting one of them during a break, but he seemed pleasantly surprised after the game when I asked my wife to get the Towel out of her purse and give it to him.

Try as the NFL might to rip off the talisman that Myron Cope bestowed upon Steelers Nation, but the Terrible Towel will always be unique to Pittsburgh. The yellow terry cloth will always be a special bond between members of Steelers Nation, and Gustavo’s reaction to getting his first one proves it.

Super Bowl XLIII: The View from Tampa

Steel Curtain Rising is proud to share a first hand account of a friend who saw the game in Tampa:

I attended the game in Tampa Bay.The NFL Experience was OK but the entertainment was excellent. Prior to the kick off, John Legend sang for an hour followed by Journey. My Son-in-law and I then proceeded to the game after helping the local economy by buying a good amount of souvenirs.

We watched the 1st half and were pleased that the Steelers were on the winning side at halftime. The play by both teams was marginal.We watched the halftime show and hoped the Steelers would not sit back and just run the ball because the Cards score very quickly. We were really excited with only 5 minutes to go with Pit steal on the win side.

I watched with horror when I saw both safeties near the sidelines and no one anywhere near the middle. The ball was snapped and I did not see it happen because my eyes were glued on Fitzgerald. He glided across the middle and then the ball was in his hands.

Still no one around.

After he took off down the field James Farrior and Troy Polamalu went after him. They were 10 yds back and then #11 put the afterburners on. He pulled away so quickly, Troy tapped Farrior on the shoulder to give up. After that score, my heart sank.

Three minutes to go and it looked as if the Cards might just win it. I just kept shaking my head even as the Steelers marched down the field. When the clock had 35 sec. I was in total denial.

Big Ben threw to Holmes to the left and it went threw his hands. Depression began to set in.
I looked up and saw Ben running to his right and fired the ball Brett Favre style and Holmes was covered by 3. The next thing I saw was the refs arms go straight up and the stadium erupted.

The stadium looked as if it were Heinz Field south. The Terrible Towels outnumbered the Card fans by 10 to 1. They had between 7/10 thousand at most. As you can see, I am still not over the excitement yet.

I was there for #6 and history being made. [My wife] and the neighbors back in Phoenix were rooting for the Cards.

When I returned on the last leg of my flight, the plane was full. I was the only one in a black t-shirt. The Southwest staff were providing free drinks to the Card fans. I kidded the stewardess by asking if I was going to have to pay for the water I was drinking. She just smiled. – T. Lakeman

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Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII, Defeat Cardinals 27-23

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona in a nail bitter to beat all nail bitters 27 to 24 to win Super Bowl XLIII, and become the first NFL franchise to win six Super Bowls.

It was an incredible game.

Its hard to really know what to say, here at 2:10 am in Buenos Aires, with work looming tomorrow.

This game as a titanic struggle. Both teams saw their prime time players step up to make big plays. Both teams saw opportunities slip away.

  • You can’t even say the game came down to who wanted it more, because neither team was ready to yield.

At the end of the game, it came down to which team was able to deliver when it counted.

And on this night, it was the Steelers.

Its now 2:25 here in Buenos Aires, and works looms tomorrow. Check back later in the week, and we will have lots more to say about the game.

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