Steelers Waive Kyle Clement

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a few personnel moves since Super Bowl XLIII, including signing all of their practice squad players to their 85 man off season regular roster.

They also waived former rookie free agent defensive lineman Kyle Clement, a Division II standout from Northwood University in Michigan. If Clement is little known within Steelers Nation, he is quite a popular draw to this blog. If Google Analystics staistics on keywords are to be believed, hundreds have found this site searching for information on Kyle Clement (thanks for visiting.)

Clement joined the Steelers shortly after the 2008 NFL draft. He got into one game in the preseason, recording a tackle and then was injured.

What follows next is slightly confusing, as the only report we saw (and could find tonight) was that Kyle Clement was cut by the Steelers in training camp, never was there a mention that he’d been put on injured reserve. If anyone out there knows the facts, please fill us in by leaving a comment.

Perhaps there’s a chance the Steelers will resign him. Pittsburgh needs youth on its defensive line, but as the Steelers waive Kyle Clement they’re showing that they obviously are ready to look at other free agent defensive lineman.

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Is Orpheus Roye’s Return A Red Flag?

Who says you can’t come home again?

The Steelers resigned their former 1996 sixth round draft pick Orpheus Roye. Roye left the team as an unrestricted free agent in 1999, and has played for the Cleveland Browns since then, until he was cut earlier this year.

Roye’s signing marks the team’s second personnel move on the defensive line in under five days. On Wednesday the Steelers let go unrestricted rookie free agent Kyle Clement and signed Kevin Huntley. Huntley however failed a physical, leading Pittsburgh to release him and sign Roye.

Steel Curtin Rising speculated that the Steelers might actively scourer the wavier wire in search of defensive lineman, and that’s what’s happening.

Tomlin stated in January that the team needed to get “younger and stronger” on the defensive line, yet Roye is 35. They were willing to discard an interesting rookie prospect such as Kyle Clement in favor of Huntley, who was clearly nothing to write home about. When Huntley washed out they immediately went out and signed a 35 year old.

Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert are clearly concerned about the team’s defensive line. Expect more activity on this front as teams begin roster cut downs.

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Steelers Sign DE Huntley, Waive Kyle Clement

The Steelers signed former Raiders and Falcons defensive end Kevin Huntley today, and waived undrafted rookie free agent Kyle Clement to make room for him in the roster.

Huntley adds youth and depth to the defensive line, although he only played in six games for the Raiders in 2006 and five with the Atlanta Falcons.

This move ends Kyle Clement’s long-shot bid to make the Steelers roster. Clement was a stand out defensive lineman with Northwood, a Division II school in Michigan. Kyle Clement was particularly popular with the readers of Steel Curtain Rising, as several hundred of Google keyword combinations brought readers here in search of news about the underdog from Northwood.

Clement garnered few headlines during training camp. Mike Tomlin commented that the audience that witnessed the Steelers night time practice at Latrobe Stadium was probably the largest gathering the young defensive lineman had ever played before.

Clement played in last Friday’s game against the Eagles and was credited with one tackle. He sprained his knee during the game however, and Mike Tomlin had declared him out of tomrrow’s pre season contest in Toronto against the Bills prior to waiving him this afternoon.

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Banishing Casey Hampton to the PUP List the Right Punishment?

Mike Tomlin wasted little time in banishing Casey Hampton to physically unable to perform list in response to Hampton’s failure of the team’s annual run test.

Both Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette and John Harris of the Tribune Review hailed Tomlin’s decision, as does Steel Curtin Rising. Hampton is a three time Pro Bowler, and one of the team’s leaders. Tomlin’s message was clear and decisive clear: Everyone is held to the same standard.

The Steelers coach minced no words explaining that Hampton was “He’s overweight and not conditioned enough to participate at this point.”

While Tomlin clearly took the right course of action, Hampton’s response leads one to wonder about its effectiveness. Hampton displayed a rather caviler attitude toward the entire incident, explaining that his first failure of run test in 2003 coincided with his first Pro Bowl selection. When asked how long he would be out of camp, Hampton retorted “I hope all of camp.”

Sounds like being on the PUP list is right up Hampton’s alley.

Therefore, you’ve got to ask was putting him on the PUP the right thing to do?

The answer is yes.

There’s probably no there other suitable punishment Tomlin could have dished out. Forcing to him play extra snaps in full pads in the hot sun would not only deprive the team of opportunities to evaluate untested rookies like Kyle Clement, it would also increase Hampton’s exposure to injury.

In the larger picture, Tomlin wins if other players take note of this example. The smart money says they will. If Hampton doesn’t end up enjoying his extra time out of pads, so much the better.

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Who is Kyle Clement?

One of the most interesting things about running a website/blog, is discovering how people find you on the internet.

You’d think that a site dedicated to the Steelers, would get most of its Google traffic from people searching for the latest on the Rooney family, the Steelers draft, Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin, or one of our other star players. Keywords related to these folks do supply a lot of traffic, but they’re not the biggest magnet.

On May 3rd Steel Curtain Rising dutifully informed that the Steelers had signed rookie free agent Kyle Clement. And since that time, the most common keyword drawing people to this site has been…. You guessed it: Kyle Clement.

Who is Kyle Clement? A few of our readers have generously given us some more information on this standout from Northwood University (Michigan.) Web research has yielded some more information. But I’d like to know more.

So if you know about Kyle Clement, share your knowledge with us. What is the guy like? What kind of on the field presence does he have? What kind of a guy is he off the field?

If Kyle Clement is going to be the next in a long line of rookie free agents to make an impact with the Steelers, let us know why. All you need to do is leave a comment. The only thing we ask is that you keep the discussion civil.

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