James Harrison – NFL Defensive Player of the Year

We’d like to claim credit, but that would be patently insane.

Obviously, the credit for winning NFL Defensive Player of the year goes entirely to number 92. Harrison, of course, insists that other 10 guys on the defense deserve it, and that speaks well of his character.

So we even joke about taking credit…?

Yesterday Steel Curtain Rising wrote an extensive post arguming that James Harrison’s accomplishments are all that much more impressive if you consider them in context — namely the Pittsburgh Steelers made defense what it is in the NFL and that Pittsburgh’s linebacker legacy is second to none and…

  • … James Harrison owns the Steelers single season sack record.

Well, now he’s been voted as AP NFL Defensive Player of the year, truly a just honor in its own right, but all the more so when you consider the company Harrison now keeps.

For James Harrison is not the first Steeler to recieve this accolade, and that makes it all the more special. Other Steelers to be honored as defensive player of the year are:

  • Joe Greene
  • Mel Blount
  • Jack Lambert
  • Rod Woodson

Greene, Blount, and Lambert are in the Hall of Fame. Woodson will likely be elected in a few weeks, in his first year of elegibility.

  • All four were named to the NFL’s 75th Anniversary team.

James Harrison is truly in class of some elite Steeler defensive players. To read the full article on James Harrison, click here.

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