Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Story Reaches Second Day

The Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault story reached its second day, with little new news surfacing.

Both the NFL and the Steelers issued bland statements to the effect of “this is not a criminal matter at this time, we’re looking into it but not commenting on the legal process right now.”

One piece of information that did surface was on the lawyer filing the suit. Calvin R. X. Dunlap is apparently a well-established lawyer in Nevada, representing the wife of the current Governor in their pending divorce.

The fact that Mr. Dunlap is representing the woman prosecuting the suit against Roethlisberger certainly does not add any more legitimacy to her claim, it is clear that this is not some unknown lawyer attempting a publicity grab.

Likewise, someone in the bloggesphere reported that during the off season Ben returned to the same location for the same celebrity golf competition. While this of course proves nothing, it would have been unwise for Ben to return had he any inkling that he might face a court summons.

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