Watch Tower: Simzik Shifts on Fast Willie Parker…?

Early this morning, the Post-Gazette’s Bob Simzik dedicated a sizable blog entry to the woeful state of the Steelers running game. He provided an excellent summary of analysis from around the league.

He then commented on Willie Parker’s problems. He didn’t limit himself to Parker’s tentative performance against the Titans, but detailed Parker’s troubles dating back to last season.

Is this the same journalist who devoted a lengthy blog post to taking Steelers management to task for not making Willie Parker a lucrative, long term contract offer? Steel Curtain Rising’s Watch Tower already disputed Simzik’s declaration that the Steelers were “dissing” Fast Willie Parker, so we will not rehash that here (you can click here if you missed it.)

But it is a little ironic that Simzik suddenly is going to great lengths to document recent examples of Parker’s diminished production.

Who watches the watchmen? The Watch Tower. Steel Curtain Rising’s Watch Tower does media analysis of press coverage related to the Steelers. You can follow the entire series by clicking on the Watch Tower tag.

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