Charlie Batch Likely to Get Final Encore with Steelers

Charlie Batch came to the Steelers as a cap casualty in late in the 2002 off season. Detroit had decided they no longer needed his services, and Kevin Colbert, who had a hand in drafting Batch,  leaped at the chance to add serious depth at quarterback.

  • The expectation was that Batch’s relationship with the Steelers would be a short one.

The 2003 off season saw no offers coming Batch’s way and he was back with the Steelers and remains one of Colbert’s all-time astute free agent pick ups.

Batch missed the 2004 season to injury, but was fixture on the Steelers depth chart from 2005 to 2007. During the 2008 preseason Batch broke his collar bone (which led to Byron Leftwich’s arrival), but again Batch was back in 2009.

Batch’s 2009 season lasted all of one series vs. Kansas City, where he managed to break his wrist.

  • Considered too old and too fragile, he entered twin four man quarterbacking competitions during 2010 training camp and 2011 as the odd man out.

But Batch had the last laugh, as injuries to Byron Leftwich in 2010 and 2011 and Dennis Dixon in 2010 thrust Batch into the lead backup role.

Batch entered the Steelers 2012 season at third string, but after Bryon Leftwich injured himself vs. Baltimore, Batch became the starter again, struggling vs. Cleveland, but leading the Steelers to huge upset over Baltimore.

Steelers Nation can (Probably) Expect Final Batch of Charlie in 2013

Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert understand the concept of keeping a proven, veteran quarterback and they’ve seen it proven in several time during the past several seasons. They’ve wanted that “go to” veteran presence on the bench to be Bryon Leftwich, but Leftwich has proven to be unreliable.

Yes, Charlie Batch will be 39. Yes, he’s finishing his run. Yes, he’s (been) fragile.

Expect Charlie Batch to return for one final encore in 2013 as Ben Roethlisberger‘s back up.

Scenario that Sees the Steelers Saying Bye to Batch

Like many of the Steelers other unrestricted free agents, Charlie Batch could become victim to a numbers game.

The Steelers could very well be on the free agent for a low-priced veteran back up, and such a player could displace Batch, particularly if the Steelers also find a promising young rookie to pair with that veteran. But Batch thinks he’ll get one more season, and that is probably what will happen.

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