Bryant, Barr and Allen Headline Recent Steelers Pre-Draft Visits

As every NFL fan with a beating heart is aware, Roger Goodell has moved the 2014 NFL Draft from the last full week of April to the first full week of May. The result has been to drive bloggers and professional press alike to distraction looking for things to write about.

(Personal favorite, grading picks of mock drafts – if that doesn’t show you that people have too much time on their hands I don’t know what will.)

The Steelers however are taking advantage of the time and using a methodical approach to their pre-draft visits. Since our last update the Steelers have had four more documented visitors:

  • John Brown, wide receiver, Pittsburg State 
  • Martavis Bryant, wide receiver, Clemson
  • Ross Cockrell, cornerback, Duke
  • Anthony Barr, outside linebacker, UCLA
  • Beau Allen, defensive tackle, Wisconsin

Were the Steelers to select Brown it would give them the distinction of opening training camp at St. Vincient’s in Latrobe with three wide receivers named “Brown” the other two being Antonio Brown and Justin Brown, 2013’s 6th round pick and a practice squad player.

Ike Taylor for one things the Steelers will take Matavis Bryant, the tall wide out of Texas, after grabbing a corner in the first round.

With these visits complete, the Steelers now have 24 visitors logged at the South Side, as they inch up to 30, the maximum allowed under NFL rules. Bring on the 2014 NFL Draft.

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