Fire Goodell? Roger That!

Public outrage over such a light punishment for such a serious offense ensued (contrast that with Wade Wilson, an assistant coach, testing positive for a performance enhancer and getting 4 games.)

He came back again, launching the NFL’s new domestic abuse policy. A first time offense would earn a player six games. After that he could be out for good. Mr. Tough Guy, the NFL’s Sheriff, Judge, and Hangman, had learned his lesson. He meant business.

  • Then the video leaked showing Ray Rice cold cocking Janay Palmerin the elevator.

The question shifted to, “Had the NFL seen the inside the elevator footage?” and “If not, why.” Goodell reacted like a child confronted over a missing cookie jar lid – he denied it, telling CBS News he’d asked for the video, but never got it. Claimed he was interested in video provided by law enforcement.

  • Never mind that in Spygate and in Bountygate Goodell had no problem whatsoever meting justice based on non-law enforcement provided videos.

How many people actually believed Goodell’s explanation at this point is an open question. But it did have the virtue of giving him “Plausible deniability.” Never mind that the NFL employs 2 investigators per team. Never mind it has former FBI investigators on its payroll (well, this is the same FBI who ignored reports of student pilots who weren’t interested in learning to how to land).

But that opened a second avenue of questioning. If Goodell really was expecting to believe his “Asked by they wouldn’t let me see the movie” story then were he and his investigators that incompetent? Seriously, Roger, you’re telling us that TMZ has better investigative resources than the NFL?

  • That line of questioning died on Wednesday.

The Associated Press published a story, including voice mail evidence, of someone in the NFL acknowledging receipt of the in-elevator evidence.

  • Now, with his hand in the cookie jar in plain view, Goodell denial’s continue.

The NFL will convene a full investigation of why this crucial piece of evidence reached its Park Avenue headquarters, yet never got seen by anyone who had anything to do with Ray Rice. He’s even hired Robert Muller III, former FBI director. John Mara and Steelers President Art Rooney II will oversee things.

None of it should be necessary. The solution is standing right in the open, for everyone to see.

  • Roger Goodell must go. If he won’t resign, the NFL owners should fire him with cause.

This is the only avenue open. For years, the faithful in Steelers Nation have mocked Goodell’s Kangaroo Court like system of “Justice” in the NFL, where punishment varies depending on his whim. Those criticisms remain legit, but this goes far beyond that.

  • Goodell’s arrogance alone undermines the credibility of the league.

We’re taking about a man whose office singled out Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Ed Bouchette, for a column he wrote in the old PG Plus site which was critical of Goodell’s handling of Spygate. So Goodell’s office takes note of something an NFL beat writer publishes in reference to a scandal 3 years in the past, but somehow doesn’t see a video of an incident under current investigation.

  • Sure Rog. I’ll accept your offer on that smart looking bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Goodell needs to go. There’s no need to wait 6 months for a blue ribbon panel to try to explain how the tape of Ray Rice’s sucker punch some how got left in the mail room. Such shenanigans serve no purpose. The solution is simple. Fire Roger Goodell unless he resigns immediately.

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